FNAF World Characters: Five Nights At Freddy’s World

FNAF World game is a thrilling, horrifying, fantasy game of Five Nights at Freddy’s series. In this game, there are 40+ different FNAF world characters to choose from to kill evil characters as the game proceeds. A player has the choice to select two modes to play that are “Adventure” and “Fixed Party”. You will automatically proceed to the next round of the game after completing the two gaming levels “normal” and “hard”. The player can choose two parties that are consist of four characters in both levels in the first playing mode. You swap all the characters in the game in “starter”, “original”, and “toy” versions. You can get more and more characters and weapons to compete with your enemies. FNAF world games are only available for English language and Microsoft Windows operating system users. You have to choose to use all the 40+ available characters as wish as you want. Fredbear is the most interesting character in this game that will give you tips on what to do next. With the help of Fredbear’s tips and suggestions, you will eventually break the fourth wall.

How To Get All Characters on FNAF

FNAF world games are consists full of surprises, horrifying, and evil characters through the play to access new areas and to proceed to the next round. After the discovery of a new area, you have to press the jumping button so that the player can use the “jumping option” to teleport from one area to another area with the help of a world map. The first version of FNAF world was applicable for 2D environments with 8-bit system specifications. FNAF World Update 2 and FNAF World Update 3 versions were released in 2016, and the whole FNAF world game has been updated and changed according to the latest 3D environment. You can get FNAF world characters throughout the game from which some are evil characters and the rest are the characters you can use to battle with evil characters. After killing the enemies and evil characters, you will gain experience points and “Faz Tokens”. After getting the points and tokens, you can buy upgraded chips and bytes to aid and facilitate the characters during the game. Some of the popular characters in FNAF World Games are following

  • Golden Freddy
  • William Afton
  • Springtrap
  • Jeremy Fitzgerald
  • Freddy Fazbear
  • Michael Afton
  • Fritz Smith
  • Purple Man

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