Fnaf World Foxy

The Fnaf World Foxy is a character of the five nights at Freddy’s worldwide game. The voice-over of the character foxy name is Inga DeCarlo Fung Marchand, who is an American rapper. According to the creator and planner of the game, it is the male character. The foxy plays a unique role At the beginning of the game, and it has one especially useful attack and as well as jumpscare also. However other characters who have jumpscare are the best choices.  The foxy stunning the enemies with jumpscare and fights with enemies with hot cheese which causes damage over time, which plays a very unique role in the game. Peoples choose the jumpscare the most for enemies. Never use a hook because it damages simply does not justify safety. But the hot cheese will do good damage at enemies but only ever use it when a single enemy or his health is low.

During the fight when your team does open attack then you have to use jump scares first then it is enough time to heal the enemies then you can finish them like a boss and do they match with decent damage points. Jump scares are always recommended on most bosses because it is like slow down the time to fight even in the final boss. However, some characters have more damage than hook and cheese. But the cheese is best to use during the fight because when we see other equipment then the cheese does damage over time due to reduces time then a result we can do more damage and do more attacks on enemies.



Fnaf World Funtime Foxy

Fnaf World Foxy is the five nights at freddy’s world game character, it is unlocked when you fight with him and won the game stage. Then the game character is available to choose from and use for a fight with enemies in the game. Funtime foxy has a pink snout and on both sides has three small purple freckles. Also have bright pink cheeks, a small black nose, and pink fur inside his ears, around his eyes, and at the tip of the tail. It has 5 fingers and a red bow tie and sharp pink nails.

Funtime Foxy is an intact version of a mangle and unlockable character in five nights at freddy’s worldwide game. It has a majority fur colour white and has pink colour also. It’s an animatronic character which endoskeleton feet do the only counterpart and also possesses the tail. It has a pink attack name happy jam which heals and also gives a little boost of speed. It has a white attack that summons when an attack by all the enemies at the same time when the fight comes. The attack name gift boxes also give extra life to the team in the game.

Fnaf World Nightmare Foxy

It is from fnaf series 4, it is a male character and colour is crimson. It is one of the antagonists of the game.  It has red-coloured fur and a part of his nose is gone from the top. He has a hook and unlike the other characters of five nights at freddy’s the has three toes and four fingers. This character used in the party because he has three attacks and it being defeat when a random encounter challenge and unlocked.

Fnaf World Phantom Foxy

This foxy comes from five nights at freddy’s series no 3, it is an unlockable character and the phantoms incarnation of the Withered character of the game. It is a male character and has 2 colours red and green. The foxy has a white circle eye and the right forearm is absent.  It has a red attack (jump scare) which stuns for 2-3 seconds the enemies. It has a green attack (toxic bite) when hits the enemies it poisons them. A black attach which kills the enemies instantly in the game which names unscrew.

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