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FNaF world games is a thriller, action pack, and animatic RPG genre-based game that takes place in a world surrounded by enemies, evil creatures, and various characters from the Five Nights at Freddy’s series. FNAF include snowy terrain, forests, graveyard, lakes, rivers, and horrifying caves. There are several glitches in “Flipside” and this game is available in normal and hard levels. The flipside is basically the world’s game code to travel or compete with enemies to go to the next round. The Flipside is not an easy phase and has four layers in total, from which the third level is a point of no return, which leads to an area with Old Man Consequences character. FNAF world update 2 is the updated version of this game that adds the Halloween Update area. We can access various minigames along with a toxic maze in the final area, where the final boss of FNAF world Update 2 is located.

FNAF World Games

FNAF World Games

FNAF World Games: Edge of Time

The battles against enemies and evil creatures will be completely random with the exception of boss battles. The updated versions of FNAF are conducted in a 3D environment and its graphics are really good as compared to the previous versions. During the fight with evil creatures, the player characters will be on the right-hand side enemies will be on the left-hand side. Each FNAF character has an HP meter to monitor the HP score, located at the top right corner. By sustaining injuries, the meter will show the HP meter will decrease the value, and eventually, it will reach zero which induces a KO. Every character and evil creature has a unique identity, power, weapons, and commands to proceed in the game and to compete with enemies. 

Different Command Buttons To Play in FNAF

With the help of these commands, you can start a healing process for the team. The white command is used to provide status buffs, orange is used for single-target attacks, red is used for area attacks during the battles, green is used for poisonous attacks on enemies, and black is used for instant-kill attacks. Once a turn is used, you have to wait for some time until the next turn begins. During that time, you can swap the current party with the reserve ones at any time. After each battle, the HP score of all characters, including the knocked out ones, are restored to full health.


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